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Area 1: Student in Peril: Use Lumos Solem to remove the Devil's Snare around this Student.

             Character Token 1: Dig up this Character Token on the far right below the first ledge.

             Slytherin Crest: Use Dark magic to destroy 10 rocks. 3 are in this area, 1 is in Area 2, and the final 6 are in Area 3.

             Hufflepuff Crest: Zap 3 yellow flowers to reveal this Crest piece. All 3 are in this area.

Area 3: Character Token 2: Destroy the plant in front of the chest by the starting point, then blast the silver lock to reveal this Character Token.

             Gryffindor Crest: After draining the lake, use Wingardium Leviosa to place the 6 fish back in the water, revealing this Crest Piece.

             Ravenclaw Crest: After draining the lake, destroy the silver lock on the chest on the right, revealing this Crest piece.

             Character Token 3: Use Dark Magic to destroy the globe, revealing this Character Token.

Token Characters: Fang (50,000)
                             Hagrid (50,000)
                             Draco (Hogwarts) (75,000)