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Level 6

Starting Characters: Ron Weasley, Filch

    1. Pull the lever on the left to lower the platforms, then cross them. Use Lumos to remove the vines, then travel by Floo powder. Pull the lever to open the gate, then send Scabbers through the pipe. Step on the button to open the door, then head up the steps and pull the lever to open the gate. Place the apple and cherry into the cauldron, then pull the lever to raise the water level. Swim over to the right, then travel by Floo powder. Drop down and use Lumos to defeat the vines, then swim over to the island. Grab the hair and pull the lever, then switch to your partner. Hop up to the lever, then pull it to open the gate. Place the hair in the cauldron, then switch to a Slytherin. Speak to the wall to reveal the Gold Brick.