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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Minikit 1: After opening the left siege tower, hop up the wall inside it to reach this.

Area 2: Minikit 2: Destroy 5 glowing question mark shaped objects to reveal this. All 5 are in this area. 

            Minikit 3: Crawl through the travel chute on the right to reach this. 

            Minikit 4: Destroy the glowing objects on the tight, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a TARDIS panel, then use it. Destroy the gold spider, then illuminate the passage. Destroy the box to find this.

            Minikit 5: After collecting Minikit 4, cut through the vines on the lever, then pull it to reveal turrets. Hop in one, then shoot 18 dinosaurs to reveal this.

            Minikit 6: After collecting Minikit 5, double jump onto the hanging bar to reveal a cage. Destroy it to reveal an elemental keystone. Head down the hall and use magic to reveal a batarang target. Hit it to open the door. Use earth powers to grow plants, revealing this.

            Minikit 7: After collecting Minikit 6, use the Aquaman panel by the entrance to build a Mosasaurus head, revealing this.

Area 3: Minikit 8: Destroy the silver statue to reveal this.

Area 4: Minikit 9: Destroy a Riddler box to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a grapple point, then grapple up onto the ledge. Destroy the boxes to reveal this. 

Area 5: Minikit 10: Fly to a upper ledge, then use the panel to reveal a box. Destroy it to reveal this.

            Boromir: Use a flying vehicle to charge the jet panel above you, rescuing him.

Minikit Model: Balrog