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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Minikit 1: After passing through the first barrier, destroy the orange truck to reveal a ramp. Hit it to take out the archer tower, revealing this.

            Minikit 2: After passing through the first gate, head right and use magic to open the news van, then repair the insides to reveal this.

            Minikit 3: Use magic on the back of the Juggernaut to reveal a shift keystone. Use it, then travel through the purple portal to reach this. 

            Lois Lane: Break the glass on a building to rescue her.

            Minikit 4: After passing through the second barrier, cut through the gold panel on the train car, allowing you to hop inside and grab this. 

            Minikit 5: Destroy the green dumpster in front of the final barrier, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a batarang target, then hit it to reveal this.

Area 2: Minikit 6: Drop into the water and swim down to reach a hidden area. Defeat the enemies to gain Chi, then pour it into the flower to reveal this.

            Minikit 7: After collecting Minikit 6, destroy the plants to the left, clearing the tiles. Push the two statues into place, revealing this.

            Minikit 8: After collecting Minikit 7, destroy the silver clamps to reveal a chest. Destroy it to reveal this.

            Minikit 9: After collecting Minikit 8, use the Aquaman panel on the right to create a tentacle, revealing this.

            Minikit 10: In the main area, destroy a car on the left, revealing rainbow LEGO pieces. Build them into a catapult, then use it to reach this.

Minikit Model: Turrets