Free Play Mode

Area 1: Clara Clayton: Water the plant on the left to rescue her.

            Minikit 1: Destroy the gold cap on top of the water tower, allowing you to reach this.

Area 3: Minikit 2: After using magic on the dumpster, destroy it and clean up the goo. Destroy the objects at the end of the alley to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.

            Minikit 3: Destroy 5 wooden beams with hats on them to reveal this. All 5 are in this area. 

            Minikit 4: In front of the Sea Cow (the boat), grapple up onto the ledge on the right. Travel to the end to reach this.

Area 4: Minikit 5: Use the DeLorean on the treadmill to the right to travel to Hill Valley. Head left, then destroy the glowing phone booth to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a panel, then use it to reveal this.

            Minikit 6: After collecting Minikit 5, head right and climb the ladder in front of City Hall. Swing across the poles, then hop on the lift. Double jump onto the bar, then shimmy left. Hop onto the lift, then hop onto the balcony by the clock. Head towards the clock to reveal this.

            Minikit 7: After collecting Minikit 6, head right and smack the keystone. Crawl through the travel chute, then shrink down and crawl through the tunnel. Pull the lever to reveal a box. Destroy it to reveal this.

            Minikit 8: After collecting Minikit 7, fly onto the roof on the right and use x-ray vision to solve the puzzle, revealing this. 

            Minikit 9: In the second stage of the fight with Lord Vortech, destroy the boxes on the back ledge to reveal a batarang target. Hit it to reveal this.

            Minikit 10: In the third stage of the fight with Lord Vortech, use the portal gun to reach this. 

Minikit Model: Guitar Amplifier