Free Play Mode

Area 1: Minikit 1: Use the DeLorean on the treadmill to head to the future. This Minikit is right by the treadmill.

            Minikit 2: After collecting Minikit 1, head right and use the panels to defeat the ships, revealing this.

            Minikit 3: After collecting Minikit 2, head right and use stealth to sneak past the cameras, allowing you to collect this.

            Minikit 4: After collecting Minikit 3, shatter the glass to lower the gate to the right. Continue right and use the shift keystone, then travel through the yellow portal. Push the box along the tiles, then hit the batarang target to lower the box. Travel through the pink portal, then push the box into the slot. Charge the generator to reveal a glass object. Shatter it to reveal this.

            Minikit 5: In the main area, hack the terminal to reveal this.

            Minikit 6: Destroy the silver box to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a grapple point, then use it to drill a hole in the rock. Light up the alcove and enter to reach this.

Area 2: Minikit 7: Fly to the far left of the maze near a rainbow catapult. Enter the secret room. Don't worry about the 20 seconds, you can stay in here as long as you want. Fly to the upper part of the maze to reach this.

            Minikit 8: This appear in the maze after 20 seconds.

Area 3: Minikit 9: Destroy the silver panel to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into an exit, then take it. Head through the maze as usual, grabbing keys as you go. This is in the upper left corner.

Area 5: Minikit 10: Destroy the silver object, then pull the lever. Complete the race in less than 2 minutes to receive this.

Area 8: Robotron Hero: Destroy the silver barrier around him to rescue him.

Minikit Model: Arcade Machine