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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Minikit 1: Destroy the silver back of a truck to the left of your starting point to reveal this.

            Minikit 2: Use the super strength handle to pull the taxi out of the sinkhole, revealing this.

            Minikit 3: After crossing the beam, use the Atlantis panel to put out the fires, revealing this.

            Paul Feig: Destroy the dumpster on the far right by the fire to rescue him.

Area 2: Minikit 4: Use the gyrosphere socket on the right to open the diner. Destroy the objects inside to reveal LEGO pieces, then build them into this.

            Minikit 5: Use a vehicle to pick up the large tomato in the water on the left, then place it in the slot above it to reveal this.

Area 3: Minikit 6: Destroy the bathtub in the first part of the area to reveal this.

            Minikit 7: Fly up in the first area and look to the left to find Dorothy surrounded by silver objects. Destroy the objects to reveal this.

            Minikit 8: Destroy 6 mounted deer heads. 2 are in Area 3 and 4 are in Area 6.

            Minikit 9: Head to the ledge above your starting point, then use Diffindo on the red wall panel to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a skeleton, revealing this.

            Minikit 10: Use the fuse box on the far right ledge to reveal this.

Minikit Model: Firehouse