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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Minikit 1: Step on 5 cages to release the inhabitants. The first can be found by hopping up some springs after a bridge to reach a bar. Hop up onto the ledge, then run and jump to the right to reach the top of the waterfall with the first cage. The second is after jumping up the first set of springs. Jump attack across the gap with the three wasp enemies to reach the ledge with the second cage. The third cage is inside a cave. After crossing the bridge by the waterfall, head to the right and down the ramps. You will see a path below you that leads to the cave. Destroy the nearby rocks to reveal the LEGO pieces for the hatch. The fourth is inside a loop-de-loop. Light up the alcove, then destroy the nearby rocks to reveal the LEGO pieces for the hatch. The final cage is op top of an island. The easiest way to get there is by flying. Open all 5 cages to receive this.

           Minikit 2: This one is very nerve-wracking. From the start, use Sonic's spiky ball charge run to run up the tall wall on the left. If you get enough speed you will clear the top and see a race start point. Run through the gate to begin a race through the entire area. Complete the race to receive this.

Area 3: Minikit 3: Much like in Area 1, there are 4 cages to open. 1 is in plain sight on the beach. Destroy the nearby rocks to reveal the LEGO pieces for the hatch. The second and third are on the top of rocky islands and can best be reached by flying. The fourth is in plain sight in a grassy plain. Open all 4 to receive this.

            Minikit 4: Illuminate a large dark alcove, then destroy all the objects inside to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into this.

Area 8: Minikit 5: Use 3 technology panels to input a pattern. They are all very obvious places. Complete all three to receive this.

Area 10: Minikit 6: When you step on the large green pillar, you will also start moving the large green pillars by your starting point. Head back up and past the pillar, then travel through the grate to reach this.

Area 12: Minikit 7: Use the Scale Keystone to shrink down, then ride the moving platforms to the open air. Head through the tunnel on the left, then destroy the gold objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a portal, then hop inside. Head left, then stand on the spatula to be flipped onto the bread slice. Use the sword switch to move the lock, then pull the lever to move the bread. Use the sword switch to move the lock again, then bounce on the egg to reach the lower bread slice. Pull the lever to move the higher bread slice, then use the spatula to reach it. Pull the lever to reveal this.

               Minikit 8: After collecting Minikit 7, defeat 5 Flying Monkeys (they are hovering in the air around the castle) to receive this.

               Minikit 9: After collecting Minikit 8, pull the lever on the second level of the tower to reveal an electrical socket on the ground floor. Use the Sonic panel to reach the upper levels of the tower. Climb up the steps and grab the charge from the socket, then place it in the socket on the ground to reveal this.

               Big the Cat: After collecting Minikit 9, use the technology panel to control the crane. Grab Big out of the cup to rescue him.

               Minikit 10: Back in the main area, ride some moving platforms in the open air to the left to reach a button. Step on it, then drop down and head through the new opening on the left. Use the lantern panel to create an opening in the floor, then drop down inside. Destroy the glowing objects to reveal LEGO pieces, then build them into a rotary handle. Use the rotary handles to match the faces on the totem pole with the others around it. Match all three faces to reveal this.

Minikit Model: Death Egg