Story Mode

Enemies: Robber
LEGO City Hero: 75,000

    1. Head to the left and use the grapple gun to swing across the gap. Continue left and swing across the next gap. Grapple up to the ledge, then head right and shimmy across the gap on the beam. Use the grapple point to pull down the dish, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a trampoline, then use it to bounce up onto the ledge. Destroy all of the furniture to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a launch pad, then step on it. Climb the drainpipe, then head right over and under the pipes. Cross the beam, then hop up the railings. Arrest the first robber, then climb the wall in the back. Head right and hop onto the rope going down. Swing up the poles, then climb up the plant. Climb up the drainpipe, then head left and run across the gap. Arrest the second robber, then hop up the wall in the back. Arrest the third robber, then hop across the poles to the right. Hop over the pipe to witness the leader fleeing. Slide down the rope, then follow the button prompts to run up the slope. Slide down the other side and the leader will destroy the beam across the gap. Use the grapple point on the helicopter to swing across the gap, then hop up the blocks. Use the railings and beams to reach the top, then use the grapple point to reach the roof. Step on the launch pad to complete this Special Assignment.