Free Play Mode

Area 1: Vehicle Token 1: After swinging across the first gap, use the teleporter to reach a ledge. Pry open the door, then use the green color swapper to change your color. Use the teleporter to return to your starting position, then shoot the light green to open two doors. Head into the door on the right, then fix the fuse box inside to reveal this.

            Police Shield 1: Water 5 plants. The first can be found inside the left room on the first floor. See above for how to open the doors. The second is on the roof with the first criminal. The third is on the same roof as the Red Power Brick. Vault the fence on the left to reach it. The fourth is shortly after sliding down the tightrope. The fifth can be found after swinging across the poles.

            Police Shield 2: Build 3 satellites. For the first, destroy a street cart by the first criminal to reveal the LEGO pieces. The pieces for the second can be found by destroying a refrigerator by the second criminal. The pieces for the third are by the fourth robber. Once he runs away, destroy the box to reveal the pieces.

            Police Shield 3: Repair 3 fuse boxes on satellite dishes. The first is to the right of the first criminal. Drop down onto the ledge. The second is on the ledge above the first criminal. The third is on the roof you reach by climbing the drainpipe.

            Character Token 1: On the roof with the first criminal, chop down the door on the left, then crack the safe inside to reveal this.

            Character Token 2: On the ledge above the first criminal, drill through the tiles to reveal a water spout. Ride it up to the balcony on the water tower, then pull the lever to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into an RC car, then use it to collect this.

            Red Power Brick: On the ledge above the first criminal, glide to the left, then destroy the three AC units to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into solar panels, powering the fan. Ride the current up to the ledge with this.

            Vehicle Token 2: After hopping up the wall by the second criminal, slide under the pipe and open the astro crate to reveal a stick of dynamite. Head back right and hop onto the roof with the pillars. Place the dynamite in the barrel to destroy the fan, allowing you to enter the room with this in the bottom left corner.

            Police Shield 4: Arrest the first 3 robbers to receive this.

Vehicle Tokens: Bastion (3,000)
                         Broadcaster (5,000)

Character Tokens: Snakes Squealer (20,000)
                             Conrad Peters (2,000)

Red Power Brick Extra: Fast Build