Story Mode

LEGO City Hero: 120,000

    1. Destroy the boxes to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a button, then step on it to raise the elevator. Hover across the gap, then hover across the gap where the bridge used to be. Hop on the chain and swing across the gap, then pull the lever to lower the lift. Hop on and pull the lever again to go up. Destroy the boxes to reveal a stick of dynamite. Pick it up and place it in the barrel to destroy the entrance to the dome. Head inside and destroy the objects, then drill through the tiles to reveal a water spout. Ride it up, then continue along the path. Ignore the enemies (they keep coming) and hover across the gap. Destroy the two large boxes to reveal two piles of LEGO pieces. Build the right pile into a green color swapper, then use it to change your color. Build the other pile of LEGO pieces into an astro crate, then open it to reveal LEGO pieces. Shoot the light on the dome green to open it, then grab the box and place it on the green panel to reveal more LEGO pieces. Build them into a moon buggy, then hop in and park it on the red panel to extend the bridge. Drive across, then shoot the lights green to open the lift. Drive inside. Once on the upper level, hover onto the ledge, then pry open the door. Head inside and pull the lever to reveal a red panel. Drive the moon buggy onto it to extend a bridge. Drive across it to enter the base.

    2. Fix the fuse box on the left, then head left and use the red color swapper to change your color. Shoot the light red, then hop into the mech. Drive it over to the console, then use it to align the pipes so the power goes through the generator on the right. After the cutscene, it's time to fight Rex. Pick up a container, then throw it at Rex to stun him. Head up to him and follow the button prompts to stun him, then step into the circle and follow the button prompts to throw him into one of the blue tanks. Repeat this process two more times.

    3. Rex will once again show up. Grapple with an enemy, then throw him into Rex's shield. This will knock Rex to the ground. Throw another enemy at him to stun him, then grapple him. Repeat this process two more times, then arrest him.

    4. You are now falling towards the command module. Speed up your fall because there is a time limit. Reach the command module to complete this Special Assignment and the story.