Free Play Mode

Area 1: Police Shield 1: Hop into the rocket ride to receive this.

            Police Shield 2: Build 3 pictures onto the wall. The first 2 can be found by destroying boxes on the right ledge, and the third can be found by destroying a box on the left ledge.

            Character Token 1: Use the super strength handle to pull apart the large box, revealing this.

            Character Token 2: After knocking down the solar system mobile, destroy the planet on the floor to reveal this.

Area 2: Vehicle Token 1: Drill through the tiled floor on the left to reach this.

            Police Shield 3: Destroy 5 moon buggies. The first is on the left by the beginning of laser one. The second is by the fuse box in the back left corner. For the third, fix the fuse box in the back to repair the elevator, then ride it up. Follow the path towards the screen, then hover to the right to reach this. The fourth is by the fuse box used in collecting Police Shield 4. The fifth is on the upper right ledge.

            Red Power Brick: Fix the fuse box in the back left corner to repair the elevator. Ride it up, then use the dynamite vending machine to reveal a stick of dynamite. Pick it up and place it in the barrel to blow open the hatch. Drop down inside and pry open the door on the right, then use the teleporter to reach a new ledge. Drop off the roof and chop down the door, then head inside and crack the safe to receive this.

            Police Shield 4: After blowing open the hatch, drop down inside and fix the fuse box on the left to reset the button pattern. Press the button to reveal a new pattern, then input it correctly to receive this.

            Vehicle Token 2: Up on the ledges on the right, fix the fuse box to shut off the electricity on the wall. Climb up, then shimmy across the railings to the right to reach this.

Vehicle Tokens: L.E.R.V. (5,000)
                         Garrano (1,000)

Character Tokens: Space Villain (10,000)
                             Space Scientist (20,000)

Red Power Brick Extra: Super Astro Crate