The loading screen will say that this is a Special Assignment, but it really isn't. In this mini-cutscene, you will unlock Chase Undercover (Police). This is an alternate costume for the Police disguise slot.

You are now back outside the station, with the mission of infiltrating Chan's gang. Drive over to the police symbol and Ellie will call you to inform you that your communicator has been upgraded. You will then unlock the Audio Scan function, which you can use to listen in on conversations. An Audio Scan Point will then appear on top of a building. To get there, head to the marked spot and climb the drainpipe, then continue along the roof. Use the grapple point to reach the above ledge, then cross the street on the tightrope. Use the Audio Scan Point to locate the scrambled audio (it can be found on the bottom left). Follow the button prompts to unscramble it, revealing that Bucky Butler is going to interview for the gang. Time to track him down. Drive over to the police symbol to reveal an Audio Scan Point. Use it to listen into the scrambled conversation (it can be found towards the top of the building). Bucky will then leave the building, causing Chase to blow his cover. Ram his car with your vehicle to take out his four hearts. He will then flee on foot. Chase him down and arrest him.

Time to head to your job interview. Drive to Chan's limo place and step into the police symbol. You will be tasked with picking up Forrest Blackwell. You will have 3 minutes to pick him up, however, this is more than enough time. The challenging part however, comes with dropping him off at the theater. You will have around 2 minutes 30 seconds to do this. That is almost the exact time it takes to drive there. Turn around immediately after the cutscene (this shaves about 10 seconds off your time), then follow the sat nav studs normally. Eventually, you will come upon a fork in the road (this will be with less than a minute left). Take the left fork to save time. It may take you a few tries to get this, but it gets easier when you know the path. After dropping off Blackwell at the theater, you will be instructed to meet Chan in an alley. Drive to the marker, then step into the police symbol. After the cutscene, you will be given your first real criminal mission: stealing a car from one of Chan's rivals.

Follow the sat nav studs to your destination, a club by a pool party. In order to steal the car, you will need to distract the guards. To do that, you need to get the nearby party going. Head over to it and destroy the red objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a grill. Of course, you need some chicken. Head to the right towards the blue-and-white awning in the background. Underneath it is a box oh chicken. Pick it up and place it on the green panel next to the grill, then build the LEGO pieces into the chicken. This will cause one guard to abandon his post. Now for the music. Head over to the other side of the pool and build the LEGO pieces into a DJ stand. However, the DJ lost his record. INteract with the nearby magician to receive it, then place it on the stand. Follow the button prompts to complete the minigame. This will send the other guard over to the party. With both guards distracted, you can now steal the car. Head back to the garage and pry open the door. Before you can break in, however, you will be interrupted by costumed thugs. Arrest them all, then pry open the door. Hop into the car, then drive it to the marker without destroying it to successfully steal it. Watch out for the police officers, who can damage your car. Once the car is hidden, Chan will call, so pick up. Chan will then ask you to head to his limo place, so drive over there and step into the police symbol.

After the cutscene, you'll have to chase down the ninja. Follow the path the ninja takes, then step on the launch pad to cross the street. Continue after the ninja, running across the wall. The ninja will then head through the door. Hop up the walls, then use the tightrope to catch up to the ninja.

After the cutscene, you will unlock the Free Run course in Pagoda.