All in the Family

Chan will call, so pick up. He will tell you you need to bust Moe de Luca out of prison. Ellie will then call. You convince her to let you borrow a police truck. Head behind and station and Chuck will ask you to fix his bike. Grab the nearby box and place it on the panel. Build the pieces onto the bike. Chuck will then inform you that two wheels are missing. The first is in the room behind the police station. Pry open the door, then head left and destroy the object to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a ladder, then climb up and head right. Smack the wheel to release it from its cage, then pick it up and place it on the bike. The second wheel can be found on the pier by the ferry. Build the LEGO pieces into a fishing pole, then use it. Follow the button prompts to reel this in. Pick it up and carry it to the bike. Place it on. Once both wheels are on, Chuck will ask you to take the bike out for a spin. Hop on the complete the Time Trial. Once that's done, you will unlock Time Trials in the hub. Chuck will then finally grant you use of the police truck, so hop in and follow the sat nav studs to pick up Moe.

After the cutscene, you'll be driving Moe towards his hideout away from the police. You have no time limit, but you do have four hearts, so keep your car together to Moe's hideout. Once you get Moe home safely, he'll ask you to help him with a job at the airport. Head over to the police symbol, then Moe will give you a car. Hop in and ram into the truck, taking out four hearts. Hop in yourself and drive it to Pappalardo's restaurant. After the cutscene, you will receive the color gun. Follow the sat nav studs to the garden in front of LEGO City Bank. Head to the police symbol, then pry open the manhole. Drop down inside to start Special Assignment 5 - Dirty Work.

Click here for the walkthrough for Special Assignment 5 - Dirty Work.

After completing the Special Assignment, you are going to have to get the emerald to the drop off point. Unfortunately, the game doesn't want to tell you the fastest way there. If you look at the map, taking a right at the first fork in the road, followed by a left, will get you to the first bridge faster. This took me a while, mostly because the time seems a little short. When you reach the police barricade on the bridge, head to the center off the bridge and go down the ramp, then up the ramp at the other side. Once you finally complete this, Chief Dunby will call asking for pictures that you can use as evidence against Chan. Best to oblige him. Ellie will upgrade your communicator with the camera so you can.

Follow the sat nav studs to the police shield, where you will officially unlock the surveillance camera. An Audio Scan point will then appear. To get up there, pry open the nearby door, then use the red color swapper to change your color to red. Exit the building and head left, then hop up the green awning onto the railing. Hop up onto the ledge, then shoot the green button to shut off the electricity. Use the launch pad to reach the audio scan point, then use it to listen in on the criminal's conversation. They will discuss the location of three crimes. Time to take some pictures. Head over to the large pagoda and use the grapple point on the back to climb up. Climb the ladders to reach the camera spot. Your first criminals are on a ledge on the pharmacy, the large red building. Zoom in and take their picture. If the picture is acceptable it will be sent to HQ. If not, you can try again. Once they're busted, look to the alley to the left. Zoom in and take a picture of the thugs, then look to the right to spot the stolen car in a lot. Take a picture of it. Unfortunately, Chase will want a closer look. You will automatically be transported to the final picture spot. Take a picture of the car, then arrest the thugs that attack you. You will now unlock the Camera. Use it to take a random picture to complete this chapter.