Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: On the ground, you will come across a building with a man inside. Use Mind Control to make him destroy the objects on the back wall, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a railing, then hop up and push the box out. Destroy it to reveal this Canister.
            Hostage: After powering the generator to raise the awning, Super Jump onto the vent and build the LEGO pieces into a railing. Hop up and defeat the Goons to rescue this Hostage.
            Canister 2: After rescuing the Hostage, destroy the silver objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a water spigot, then hop onto it to grow some flowers. Destroy the flowers to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a question mark to reveal this Canister.
            Canister 3: After collecting Canister 2, glide to the right and build the LEGO pieces into a box. Push it to the end of the tiles to reveal this Canister.
            Canister 4: Use Super Strength to throw all of the dumpsters away, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a rotator switch, then turn it to lower a raft into the water. Hop in and sail counter-clockwise three times to collect this Canister.
Area 2: Canister 5: Destroy all 5 silver fire hydrants to collect this Canister.
            Canister 6: To the left of the flames are some LEGO pieces. Build them into a metal wall, then climb up to collect this Canister.
            Canister 7: Destroy the silver door to open up the building, then step on the yellow buttons to allow you to reach this Canister.
            Canister 8: Walk behind the pole on the left in the playground to collect this Canister.
            Red Power Brick: Collect 25 LEGO pieces in the Attract Suit, then deposit them in the Attracto Machine to give you pots. Use Poison Ivy to grow them, then hop up and Super Jump up to this Power Brick.
Area 3: Canister 9: Destroy the silver door left of the box to allow access to this building. This Canister is inside.
            Canister 10: Destroy the gate in the boss fight that leads to a water tank. Hop in and sink to the bottom, then step on the red buttons to drain the water. Use the Sonic Suit to destroy the glass, allowing you to collect this Canister.
Minikit Model: Police Car
Red Power Brick Extra: Extra Hearts (400,000)