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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Destroy 3 red tanks in this area to reveal carrots. The first is right by your starting point. The second one is on top of a shed; destroy the crates to its right and build a fan to access the roof. The third is on top of a red crate. Double Jump up to the top. 

            Hostage: This Hostage is inside a building. Destroy the glass using the Sonic Suit and defeat the goons to rescue this Hostage. 

            Canister 2: In the same building as the Hostage, Double Jump up the bars to collect this Canister. 

            Canister 3: Use Super Strength to pull the vendor cart off of a pressure plate. Park a truck on the plate to open up the nearby crate, revealing this Canister. 

            Canister 4: Head all the way to the right into the water. Hop across the piers and onto the back of a boat. Use Super Strength to pull the back of the boat away, revealing this Canister. 

Area 2: Canister 5: Up on the catwalk, use Poison Ivy to grow a ladder made of plants. Climb it, then follow the ledge to this Canister.

            Red Power Brick: Use a female character to gain access to the Heart panel, then walk inside the alcove. Destroy a large crate to reveal LEGO pieces, then build them into a rotary switch. Turn it from the red side to rotate a panel. Destroy the silver tanks on the left to reveal a hatch for Penguin Bombs. Send one in. If you turned the panel correctly, the Penguin Bomb will ricochet off the panels and destroy the large silver box, as well as the gate. Walk inside and collect this Power Brick. 

            Canister 6: Destroy 5 cannons to make this one appear. 

Area 3: Canister 7: Hop into the water by the lily-pads to collect this Canister. 

            Canister 8: After riding up in the elevator, head left on the small ledge and you will eventually reach this Canister. 

            Canister 9: Head to the far right and use the Joy Buzzer to make three boats appear in the water. Use the Technology panel to take control of one. Maneuver it through the barrels, making sure to stay ahead of the other boats. If you finish in first place, you will receive this Canister. 

            Canister 10: Use the Heart panel in the back to open a door. Walk inside and you will enter a bar. Destroy all of the objects and suck up the LEGO pieces using the Attract Suit. Deposit at least 25 into the Attracto Machine and it will create a jukebox. Destroy it to reveal this Canister. 

Minikit Model: Penguin's Submarine
Red Power Brick Extra: Stud Magnet (100,000)