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Story Mode

Enemies: Policeman, S.W.A.T.
Starting Characters: The Penguin, Catwoman
Super Villain: 42,000
    1. Head to the right until you are blocked by a large block of ice. Use Super Jump to hop on top of it, then hop onto the ledge. Destroy the blue benches to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a ladder, allowing your partner to join you. Head to the right, then glide to the right. Head right on the ledge, making sure to walk across the platforms, as they will fall, allowing your partner to head right. Jump right onto the top of a fan, then switch to your partner and pull the lever. This will send some snow up through the fan, making your partner raise up to the Penguin Bomb chute. Send a Penguin Bomb through it, knocking down some LEGO pieces that you will get to soon. Head right and Double Jump onto the ledge, then push both objects to the end of the tiles and onto the ground level. Destroy the silver bomb that was in one of the ice cubes to destroy all of the other ice cubes, allowing you to build the LEGO pieces into a snowplow. Drive it to the left and into the ice blocks to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them onto the red cannon, creating an air pump. Hop on the button to inflate some rafts, causing them to rise up, creating a bridge. Cross it, then destroy the ice blocks that blocked your progress at the start of the level. Park the snowplow on the platform, then pull the levers to raise it up to the ledge. Climb the ladder you built earlier, then drive the snowplow into the ice blocks blocking the entrance to the building. Walk through the opening.
    2. Head to the back left corner of the room and destroy everything to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them onto the tiles, then slide the heater to the end of the tiles, melting the ice and revealing a Heart panel. Use it to open the door. Walk through the opening.
    3. Slide down the ice slide.
    4. Head to the center of the room and turn the turnstile so the laser makes contact with the purple nodes on the left. This will cause a searchlight to appear. The searchlight will eventually stop on the laser device on the right, melting the ice. Push it so the laser hits the purple nodes on the right, activating the machine on the ledge. Now, you have to pull the levers to activate it. Head to the right and Super Jump onto the switch, making stairs. Walk up them and head to the left, then destroy the purple tanks near the igloo. This will reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a tightrope, allowing your partner to join you. Pull the levers on the machine to end the level and your master plan.