Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Head to the far left and use super strength to throw the left-most dumpster to reveal this Canister.
             Canister 2: Use super strength to pull the white car towards the center, then hop onto the hood and double jump to the right to collect this Canister.
             Canister 3: Hop inside a vehicle and drive it into the kiosk on the far right of this area, revealing this Canister.
Area 2: Hostage: Use the Sonic Suit to break the glass of the window by your starting point, then hop inside and defeat the goons to rescue this Hostage.
             Canister 4: Head to the right until you see some red windows. Destroy the one on the second floor, then grapple up and hop inside to collect this Canister.
             Canister 5: Head left and destroy the silver window, then hop inside to collect this Canister.
             Canister 6: After destroying the silver gate on the right with the wrecking ball crane, use the Sonic Suit to break the glass on a window, then hop inside to collect the Canister.
Area 3: Red Power Brick: Climb the metal wall next to Canister 6, then destroy the red arrow on the side of the building, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a car, then drive it to the left and into the yellow wrecker in Area 3. Hit the two targets above the guy you use mind control on, allowing access to the lever on the right. Pull it to crush the car. Destroy the cube that appears to reveal this Power Brick.
Area 4: Canister 7: Double jump up the railings right by your starting point to collect this Canister. 
             Canister 8: Head to the right and destroy the silver door, then walk inside to collect this Canister, sitting right out in the open. 
             Canister 9: Head to the left of the bank, then destroy the barrels to reveal this Canister. 
             Canister 10: After climbing the ladder, use the Sonic Suit to break the glass on the window, then hop inside to collect this Canister. 
Minikit Model: Clayface's House of Gold
Red Power Brick Extra: Score x2 (1,000,000)