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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Repair the ice cream truck on the left, then drive it towards the blue door. It will open, revealing this Canister on the above ledge. 

            Canister 2: After riding the current up to the ledge, use super strength to pull the grate off of the wall, allowing you to walk into the building. Walk inside, then head to the right to collect this Canister. 

            Canister 3: There are 3 snowmen that you need to destroy in this area. 2 of them are hidden in plants in the main area. To find the third, use the Sonic Suit to break the glass door on the right side of the area. Walk inside, then use mind control on the bartender. Pull the switch to open a cooler, revealing the third snowman. This will make the Canister appear out in the main area. Shimmy across the railing between the two levers to collect this Canister. 

Area 2: Canister 4: Before raising the level of the red goo, destroy the silver grate on the right in the goo. Hop inside and you will be inside the glass. This Canister is right by the ladder. 

            Hostage: This Hostage is right by Canister 4.

            Red Power Brick: After collecting Canister 4, climb the ladder and head to the right, then drop down by the red object. Destroy it to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a lever, then pull it to extend a bridge. Cross it, then build the LEGO pieces, opening the crate with this Power Brick inside. 

            Canister 5: Head to the far left and climb the metal wall, then hop onto the catwalk. Walk towards the screen to collect this Canister. 

Area 3: Canister 6: While on the blue platform, head to the left and onto the small platform. Drop down the bars to collect this Canister. 

            Canister 7: Suck up 25 LEGO pieces using the Attract Suit, then deposit them in the Attracto Machine to the left of your starting point. This will make the Canister appear on the right side of the door. 

            Canister 8: While on top of the glass room with the mind control person inside, destroy the silver manhole to drop into the room. Destroy the silver box to reveal this Canister. 

Area 4: Canister 9: Head to the far left and walk up the metal wall. Glide to the other side of the vat to collect this Canister. 

            Canister 10: This is on the left side of the ledge with the buttons. 

Minikit Model: Super Freeze Cannon
Red Power Brick Extra: Score x4 (2,000,000)