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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Use the Technology panel near your starting point to open up a barrier; walk past it to enter a new area. Hop into a car and drive it around the track, making sure to pass through all the flags. Turn all the flags green to make this Canister appear.
             Canister 2: After destroying the silver gate on the left, walk into the alcove and hop up the bars to collect this Canister.
             Canister 3: Destroy the silver gate in the right alcove, then walk through the opening. Grapple up the platforms on the trees, then hop onto the platform with this Canister.
Area 2: Hostage: Head to the right on the high ledge, then destroy the silver gate. Walk through the opening. This Hostage is in the middle of this Area.
             Red Power Brick: After freeing the Hostage, destroy all the objects in the room and pick up 25 LEGO pieces with the Attract Suit. Deposit them into the Attracto Machine to receive a cake robot. Use the Technology panel to drive the robot into the oven, causing the Power Brick to appear.
Area 3: Canister 4: Destroy the silver gate, then walk inside the building and push the boxes onto the tile that is the same color (i.e. the green box on the green tile, etc.) Doing this for all three boxes will make the Canister appear.
Area 4: Canister 5: in the water, you will notice a pipe with a yellow border. Use the Water Suit to sink into it and you will appear on a platform. Use the Sonic Suit to break the glass around the lever, then pull it to activate the fountains. This Canister appears on top of the largest fountain. Ride the bubbles to collect it.
Area 5: Canister 6: Use the Sonic Suit to destroy the glass cube, then build the LEGO pieces that appear into a metal wall. Climb it, then head to the right to collect this Canister.
Area 6: Canister 7: Head to the left from the start and destroy the silver gate. Walk through the opening, then destroy the machine to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a pipe, then use Super Strength to push it into the wall. Walk up it, then drop down into the room on the left, which contains this Canister.
             Canister 8: While under the red pipe, hop into the Heat Protection Suit and grapple up. Walk through the hole to be transported to a higher ledge, which contains this Canister.
             Canister 9: Continue to the far right, then use the Sonic Suit to break the glass door. Use the Water Suit to sink to the bottom of the water and step on the switch. This will drain the water and open a door, allowing you access to the next vat. Walk inside, then step on the switch to raise the water level, allowing you to collect this Canister.
Area 8: Canister 10: Destroy the silver greenhouse in the back left to reveal this Canister.
Minikit Model: Plant Minion
Red Power Brick Extra: Score x6 (3,000,000)