Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Head left and walk down the alley. Pull the lever, then build the grapple point. Grapple up, then pull the lever on the ledge. This will raise a gate on the left on street level, revealing the Canister.
             Canister 2: After collecting Canister 1, grapple back up and walk past the lever on the top platform. Climb the fire escape and hop on the platform with the Canister on it. 
             Canister 3: Destroy 5 phone booths. 3 are in Area 1, 1 is in Area 2, and the last one is in Area 3.
             Hostage: Left of Canister 3, you should see a Riddler Goon holding a woman hostage inside of a window. Bust down the window and defeat the goon to free the hostage.
             Canister 4: On street level, there is a glass window with the Canister right behind it. Use the Sonic Suit to break the glass and collect the Canister.
             Canister 5: On street level by the Batman Suit Swapper, there is a green dumpster covering a manhole. Use super strength to throw the dumpster off, then use explosives to blow up the manhole cover. Drop down to collect the Canister.
             Canister 6: Walk into the toxic waste and build the truck. Drive the truck out of the pile, then use the mind control panel to open a door on your right, revealing the Canister.
             Canister 7: To the right of the crater, use super strength to throw the dumpsters out of the alley, which will reveal a grapple point. Grapple up, then walk across the tightrope onto a new platform. Use explosives to destroy the window, revealing the Canister. 
Area 2: Canister 8: Take the upward path and use super strength to throw the door out of the way. Walk inside and climb the stairs to reach the ledge with the Canister.
             Canister 9: Take the bottom path and cross the toxic waste. Use mind control to access the lever, then pull it to open up a door. Travel up to the building, then grab a red car. Drive it down here and park it in the space. This will open another door. Get the other car from the building and park it in the space. The door on the left will open, revealing the Canister.
             Canister 10: By the building, you will notice an Attracto Machine. Use the Sonic Suit to break the glass around it, then deposit 25 LEGO pieces into it to make the Canister appear. 
Area 3: Red Power Brick: Destroy the vault in the upper left corner, in the same room as the cage that Clayface falls into.
Minikit Model: Gold Batsuit
Suit Upgrade: Fast Grapple (10,000)