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Story Mode

Enemies: Riddler Truck
Boss: Two-Face's Armored Truck
Starting Characters: Batmobile, Batcycle
Super Hero: 64,000

    1. Drive around the streets, shooting up everything in your way. There are certain green trucks that will tip over when you shoot them long enough. Hook onto them as the Batmobile, then drag them over to the Bat-Symbol. A police helicopter will pick them up and drag them off to who knows where. This will cause the two police trucks to drive off, clearing the way. Drive after the trucks.

    2. Same as Area 1, shoot the three large green trucks and drag them to the Bat-Symbol. Do this for all three trucks, and the police trucks will drive off. Follow them.

    3. This is the boss fight. Shoot Two-Face's truck a few times and it will stall. Drag it over to the Bat-Symbol, and the helicopter will drop a mine on it, taking out one heart. Do this two more times to defeat the truck and end the level.
Unlocked Vehicles: Batmobile
                              Police Car (10,000)
                              Police Bike (11,000)
                              Police Van (13,000)
                              The Joker's Van (60,000)