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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: You need to build three packets of seeds to reveal three carrots. The first is right by the entrance. The second is just to the right of the first body of water. The last one is in the far right end of the area.
            Canister 2: Right by the beginning, use the Sonic Suit to break the ice over the water hole. Drop into the water to collect the Canister.
            Canister 3: After inflating the raft, hop on it and use Mr. Freeze's ice cannon to freeze part of the water. Hop onto the platform that you just created and set explosives to destroy the silver grating, revealing the Canister.
            Canister 4: Double jump onto the bars on the rocks to the left of the shack, then hop up onto the roof of the shack, where the Canister is.
            Canister 5: Destroy the stuff in the far right of the area to uncover a grapple point. Grapple up and glide to the left to collect the Canister.
            Hostage: This Hostage is in plain sight on the path. Defeat the goons harassing him to free him.
Area 2: Canister 6: Head to the back of the area and glide towards the screen. You should see a little island with the Canister on it.
            Canister 7: Head to the left of this area and send a Penguin Bomb through the goo to destroy the silver hatch. Walk through the goo to collect the Canister.
            Canister 8: Head to the right of this area and double jump onto the ledge with this Canister on it.
            Canister 9: Head to the ramp on the right side of the Penguin's machine and use the Sonic Suit to shatter it, revealing an opening. Walk inside. Once inside, head to the back wall and destroy the stuff to reveal red LEGOs. Build the red LEGOs with the Heat Protection Suit to reveal the Canister.
            Red Power Brick: After collecting Canister 9, use the grapple point to grapple up, then jump to the right onto the railing. This will drop two Penguin Minions on the first two treadmills. Hop on the third treadmill and run on it until all three lights next to your treadmill are green. Step on the grey button to make the Power Brick appear.
            Canister 10: In the main area, after destroying the four purple objects, use your Batarang to destroy the four red transformers. This will make the Canister appear.
Minikit Model: Penguin Army
Suit Upgrade: Bats (50,000)