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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Destroy 5 satellites to reveal this Canister.

            Canister 2: Use a missile to destroy the silver box, revealing this Canister.

Area 2: Canister 3: Drop down into the water pool to the left of your starting point to reach this Canister.

             Canister 4: Destroy 5 silver plants to reveal this Canister.

             Canister 5: Fly onto the ledge above your starting point, then shrink the rock. Destroy the silver monster, then light up the dark alcove to reveal a gold ball. Destroy it to reveal this Canister.

             Character Token 1: Talk to Bat-Mite and he will ask you for a blaster. Destroy the rock on top of the treasure chest by the lily pads, then grab onto the grapple point and pull to reveal the blaster. Give it to Bat-Mite to reveal this Character Token.

             Canister 6: Walk into the dark alcove by the lily pads, then light it up to reveal a gold panel. Cut through it to reveal this Canister.

             Adam West in Peril: Adam will be trapped in a bird's nest. Shrink down the rock above the nest to scare off the bird, then build the LEGO pieces into stairs, rescuing Adam.

             Canister 7: After using the large plant to eat the spider, knock the three beetles off of the ceiling, then feed them to the plant to reveal this Canister.

             Red Power Brick: Shrink the rock to the left of the large beetle to reveal a Plastic Man panel. Use it to create a hedge sculpture. Shatter the glass in the glasses to reveal this Power Brick.

             Canister 8: Smash the super strength pad behind the beetle to reveal this Canister.

             Canister 9: Hit 3 birds in their nests to reveal this Canister.

             Canister 10: Use the Grundy panel to reveal a sprinkler, then step on the button to reveal a gold ball. Destroy it to reveal this Canister.

             Character Token 2: Fly to the ledges under the final area, then pull on the metal case to reveal this Character Token.

             Character Token 3: After collecting Character Token 2, head right and shrink the rock, then head through the travel chute to reach this Character Token.

Token Characters: Blue Beetle (50,000)
                             Reach Warrior (5,000)
                             Captain Cold (150,000)
Minikit Model: Blue Power Lantern
Red Power Brick Extra: Adam West in Peril Detector (100,000)