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Story Mode

Enemies: Prisoner
Starting Characters: Deadshot (The Squad), El Diablo, Katana, Captain Boomerang
Added Characters: Harley Quinn (The Squad), King Shark, Deathstroke (The Squad), Amanda Waller
True Hero: 70,000

    1. Head left down the stairs and scan by the computer to reveal a terminal. Use it to input the code into the computer, opening the three cell doors along the back wall and adding Harley Quinn (The Squad) to your party. Smash the cracked block in the center, then hop up the wall and head right. Destroy the glowing objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a lever, then pull it to open the door, allowing your party to join you. Scan by the door behind you to reveal silver clasps. Destroy them, destroying the door. Head through the door to the outside.

    2. King Shark has been added to your party. Head right and swing up the poles, then smash the cracked block. Destroy the silver and gold objects, then use Super Strength to pick up the bar and throw it at the basketball hoop. Assemble the gathered LEGO pieces into a weight, then grab onto the grapple point and pull to clear the rubble. Drop down the hole.

    3. Head right and switch to Deathstroke (The Squad), adding him to your party. Destroy the glowing objects, then build the LEGO pieces into a hanging bar. Grab onto it to shut off the electricity, allowing your partners to join you. Destroy the silver barrier, revealing LEGO pieces. Build them into a fire extinguisher, putting out the fires. Scan to reveal a terminal, then use it to input the code, opening the door and adding Amanda Waller to your party. After your little dance party, head through the door to end the level.