After Pursuers in the Sewers

You are in control of Batman, Robin, and Alfred. Put on the Sensor Suit, then use it to look through the green wall. Activate all of the clamps to turn on the power, revealing a grapple point. Grapple onto it, then pull to reveal a Suit Token. Collect it to unlock the Power Suit. Destroy the silver objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a rotary handle, then turn it to raise a bridge. Cross it, then put on the Sensor Suit. Turn invisible, then pass through the camera. Destroy the silver objects with the Power Suit to reveal a lever. Pull it to shut off the camera, allowing Robin to collect the Suit Token for the Techno Suit. Put it on, then use the tech panel to decipher the code. This will lower the elevator. Hop on to start the next level.

Unlocked Suits: Power Suit
                         Techno Suit

Next Level - Breaking BATS!