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SMART Boards

Smart Boards in the Classroom

Join millions of students and teachers around the world who use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to help improve learning outcomes. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink, and save your lessons.

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange website

The SMART Exchange website brings content and community together in one online location. Teachers can quickly find relevant resources, share lesson material and exchange tips and success stories about using SMART products in the classroom. Whether they need images, videos, SMART Notebook files or lesson activities correlated to curriculum standards, teachers can be confident that the content they find on the SMART Exchange website is relevant to the topics they're teaching, based on sound pedagogical principles and customizable to meet their specific needs. The website has thousands of active members and is growing daily.

Notebook Lesson Activities

SMART Notebook lesson activities offer a quick and convenient way to get started with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Teachers can choose from more than 10,000 teacher-created and SMART-created lesson activities. Each one contains engaging and interactive content and is correlated to curriculum standards for all grade levels. Our lesson activities provide an ideal way to support differentiated or personalized instruction.

SMART Notebook 10 icon

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

Award-winning SMART Notebook software sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons. In a single application, teachers have all their lesson materials at their fingertips, including a set of rich yet easy-to-use design and delivery features and a multitude of digital resources.

Notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit

The Lesson Activity Toolkit for SMART Notebook software provides teachers with customizable tools and templates to help them easily create professional, interactive and engaging lessons. Teachers can start with templates for games, quizzes and sorting tables, or use the provided Flash tools to add interactivity to lessons. Once downloaded, the Toolkit is conveniently integrated into SMART Notebook software's Gallery.

Notebook Gallery Essentials

Gallery Essentials make it easy for teachers to build interactive lessons. The collection offers over 7,000 learning objects, and each one can quickly be added to any lesson to give students a visual, hands-on learning experience. There are images, video clips and animations on every topic, and all can easily be accessed on the SMART Exchange website or from the Gallery tab in SMART Notebook software. The content is professionally developed and designed to support curriculum needs.

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