Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers    

  1. Should the teacher candidate attend professional activity days?
Teacher candidates are expected to participate in professional development activities during observation days on practice teaching days unless the associate teacher or principal provides alternative instruction. those cases, teacher candidates are to remain at the school.
  1. Should teacher candidates attend staff meetings?
Teacher candidates should attend staff meetings unless the associate teacher or principal determine attendance is inappropriate.
  1. Can the teacher candidate supply teach?
Teacher candidates cannot be released from their studies at the Faculty to serve as supply teachers.
  1. Can the teacher candidate be left alone in a classroom during a period of time during the practicum?

“The Associate Teacher is to be within earshot distance of the teacher candidate at all times.” ETFO policy.

If a teacher candidate is left in the classroom during a practicum, it is assumed that the principal or designate is responsible.


  1. What time should the teacher candidate be expected to be at school?
Teacher candidates should be in the school well in advance of the bell in the morning and remain after the bell in the afternoon. Adequate time must be allowed to prepare for classroom activities, discuss plans with the associate teacher, etc. The teacher candidate should arrive earlier and stay later to successfully accomplish these and other related tasks.
  1. What are the teacher candidate’s responsibilities when they are absent due to illness during observation days and the teaching block

Teacher candidates must let the associate teacher and faculty advisor know that they will be absent. The teacher candidate is responsible for getting any lesson plans to the associate teacher before class starts on the day of the absence. Communication with the faculty advisor is also essential.
  1. Can the teacher candidate do the associate teacher’s supervision duties

Teacher candidates can supervise the playground, corridors or lunchroom when expected under the guidance of a certified teacher.
  1. What should the teacher candidate be doing during non-teaching classroom time?

Teacher candidates should use non-teaching times to observe teaching methods used by the associate teacher, work with individual students, supervise group activities, prepare bulletin boards, and grade student performance. Still other tasks may be determined by the associate teacher.