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QR Treasure Hunt Generator! Get students using their mobile devices to move and to learn

posted Aug 10, 2011, 1:00 PM by Camille Rutherford

By Jackie Gerstein

This QR code thing is pretty cool.  I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago, Turn a paper based book into an interactive book with QR Codes, and this week in my technology class, I did an exercise with my students.  They are all future teachers, I showed them a couple examples of children’s books (grandkids) I did and asked them to bring something to class the next day so they could give it a try.  Most brought children’s books, and not all worked well for the project.  But, one student brought a road map of Kanas and found videos about various historical towns.  One student, bought a book about the Rainforest, another a book about animals and so on.  For the most part pretty good.  But we did learn a few things…..

Of course, hind sight is 20/20! We had to go to our lounge lab where there is a printer and of course, pay for printing.  So most screen captured the codes as they made them, and made the codes smaller so they could put a whole bunch on a page and not have to pay the 11 cents a page to print.

WHAT we learned! 
1. Don’t shrink the codes!  Mobile devices have to be a set distance from the code to focus.  Too small, camera cannot focus.
2. Do not put codes too close together if more than one. The camera in the mobile device can only see one image at a time, too close together, you have to get close with the camera to only see one image and then it can”t focus.
3. Most of the QR Code makers have size choices for a reason, use the defaults.
4. If you are gluing the codes you made on things, try different kinds of glue, Glue sticks don’t stick very well in those slick pages of many children’s books.

Resources for Making QR Codes and using in the classroom

Article to read from the blog, (http://teachpaperless.blogspot.com/) Teach Paperless; seeking solutions to the mysteries of 21st century teaching and learning: Thinking Outside-the-Box With QR Codes by Noah Geisel

Augmented Reality in Plain English: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2011/07/augmented-reality-in-plain-english.html

Kaywa: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Daqri: https://daqri.com/accounts/signup/,  check out their great tutorials and the cool things you can do including video tutorials for How-to http://blog.daqri.com/.  This one is in beta………daqri is a content publishing platform that will make Augmented Reality accessible to anyone. daqri is currently in public beta, but you still need an invitation. Get one from an existing daqri user, or sign up on the list up above to request one from us.  You have to request an invite.  I did and just got mine, WOW is this tool amazing!

Cybrary Man’s extensive list of QR Code resources. http://cybraryman.com/qrcodes.html

Top 10 Free Online QR Code Generators: http://freenuts.com/top-10-free-online-qr-code-generators/

Making it work on your Mobile device: Your device (iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android, and many more brands) must have a camera.  Just look for an app that reads QR codes.  I am using the one by Tapmedia on my iPhone & iPad.  It is FREE although they do have a paid version too.  The Free version seemed to have worked just fine so far.   http://www.tapmedia.co.uk/ or to download from iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qr-reader-for-iphone/id368494609?mt=8