December 2012

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Welcome to 8Y59 - I/S Technology in the Classroom

Students will develop digital-age learning experiences by developing a Professional Learning Network (PLN) and by incorporating contemporary tools in order to customize and personalize their own learning. Each module in this course will model the effective use of digital tools, technology skills, collaborative knowledge, and work processes to engage students, enrich professional practice and ultimately improve learning

Course Syllabus

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the Student Candidate will be able to:

      Make direct connections between 21st century skills and changes in education pedagogy

      Customize and personalize learning activities for oneself and students

      Demonstrate fluency in technology tools and connect current knowledge of subject discipline to new technologies, content and pedagogues

      Model and experience collaborative learning and knowledge by engaging in an educational community with both face-to-face and virtual colleagues

      Research, investigate and discuss a variety of educational bogs, journals, websites, podcasts and videos and talks relating to 21st century learning


OCT Advisory on the Use of Social Media