"It takes a village to raise a child"

Brockley Community Church has a vibrant and thriving youth scene, with an eclectic mix of amazing young people full of brilliant ideas, bags of talent and most importantly a love for God. For the youth of the church we are keen that discipleship becomes part of their whole life, not just Sunday mornings – having healthy relationships with God, those around them and a healthy value of themselves. The youth team run various activities during the week for young people to get involved in:

Wednesday Night Youth Club

In partnership with Crofton Park Baptist Church, BCC run a club with a mixture of sports, arts, free time (with pool, table tennis, consoles) and spiritual input, as well as trips out to bowling, quasar etc. It’s a great night to chill out with friends and have a laugh. For years 7-11.


If you are in years 7-9, then Y-ell is the place for you. On the first Sunday of the month, the younger youth chill out, enjoy each others company and have a laugh. You can expect to find some crazy quizzes, zany experiments and amazing games.

Film and Feast

For years 10-13, on the second Sunday of the month is film and feast. It’s a simple concept really. You eat, you watch a thought provoking film, you discuss. Deep! It’s a great way to spend a Sunday evening.

Other activities

During the year there are also extra activities for young people. We take a group to Soul Survivor Festival’s every year for a healthy dose of mud, camping and God.


Soul Survivor 2014 Colour Chaos

Soul Survivor 2014 Colour Chaos

Brockley Community Church recognises that children and young people are a crucial part of today’s church. They have much to give as well as receive. The church aims to provide a safe and secure environment within which children and young people will be treated with respect and dignity, as we nurture them in developing a relationship with God.

We also recognise the important role that adults have in helping children and young people to grow, and so we aim to provide sound guidelines for any interaction between adults, children and young people.

These aims also apply to vulnerable adults who need to be given the same protection as children and young people.