"To know and be known"

Small Groups are a key part of our community life - we put a lot of emphasis on our relationships together.

Our groups happen weekly or fortnightly in people’s homes. 

We asked the leaders and facilitators of our groups to summarise what happens in them....

"Salty: We're a group of 18-30 year olds who are passionate about living for Jesus and being "salt and light". We often eat together, talk about the stuff that's going on in our lives, look at what the Bible says about life and pray for each other. We're a mix of students, graduates, workers and others who enjoy spending time with each other. If you're 18-30 then you're really welcome. If you're not, try one of the other groups ;-)"

"The Good Book Group meets every fortnight to study a book, or theme in the Bible.  We read the book (yes, all of it, if it's a fairly short one!), ask questions like who wrote it, why and when.  Our prayer is that in our reading and listening to the Word, we will deepen our knowledge of and love for Jesus, the living Word, and allow Him to write on our hearts (2 Cor 3.3).  It sounds serious, and it is quite, but it's really rich and deep, and no questions are too silly!"

"Being & Doing: A homegroup of just over 20 people (including children) who meet together every other week. The "Being" part is about getting to know God, ourselves and each other better through looking at what it means to be Christian, and praying for and encouraging each other in all our various situations. Over the last couple of years we've done this through the 'Spiritual Formation' series, 'Mark's Gospel' and we're currently studying '1 Peter'. The "Doing" part is sometimes group action to help others within or outside the church, or taking up the challenge from our "Being" part to live out Jesus' teaching on serving others in our daily lives. We can also enjoy the opportunity to catch up with each other over a cup of coffee and some cake!"

Coming soon

"New Group" and "God and Games"...

Other groups will develop as interest grows!

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.
Small Groups