Growing up in God

We welcome children to play an active part in the life of our church, contributing to and receiving from the other generations.

We want all our children to realise their full spiritual potential, and for their relationship with Jesus to be tangible in all areas of their lives.

Every Sunday morning, after time spent meeting together with youth and adults, our children go into small groups. In these groups the children can develop their natural and spiritual gifting, and prepare to contribute to the life of the whole church.

Our programme of other activities... designed for them to enjoy and get the most out of being part of church; including:
Regular opportunities to contribute to church meetings through worship, drama, dance, creative activities, prayer and games
“Splash!”, a quarterly celebration exclusively for children; a team of children help plan and lead this
Weekly and termly prayer events specifically for children, including lots of worship, fun and donuts
Social events to build deeper friendships

All generations are welcome to all our meetings, particularly on Sunday mornings.

For further details, please get in touch.

Brockley Community Church recognises that children and young people are a crucial part of today’s church. They have much to give as well as receive. The church aims to provide a safe and secure environment within which children and young people will be treated with respect and dignity, as we nurture them in developing a relationship with God.  

We also recognise the important role that adults have in helping children and young people to grow, and so we aim to provide sound guidelines for any interaction between adults, children and young people.

These aims also apply to vulnerable adults who need to be given the same protection as children and young people.