We are made in God’s image...

...You; me; the person down the street; the person across the sea. All mankind has the ability to reflect this reality more strongly when we live how we were created to be. What’s wonderful is that the diversity of people; their cultures, ethnicities, and personalities around the world are a declaration of the greatness and the bigness of God.

Our Friends Overseas

As a Church, BCC has the great privilege of participating in what God is doing through His people all over the world as they seek to encourage a Jesus-centred way of life in their communities. We have sent some of our church members overseas: in Burundi one of them is helping local people find forgiveness and reconciliation amongst people groups that have known violence and conflict over many years. A nursing officer in Nigeria is setting up much-needed palliative care in that country. Closer to home, in France, one family is establishing a growing church that is releasing hope and healing.

We are linked to these people overseas through deep friendship and a common desire to see all people moved onwards in their walk with God. We pray, especially when they are in difficulty; we’re happy with them when they can rejoice; we support them financially so they can keep going. It’s a partnership!

On a practical note, our overseas workers’ support group, ‘Brockley to the World’ meet regularly to catch up on their news, to pray for them and to coordinate any activities associated with their link to BCC, such as visits of them to us and us to them. We remember them regularly as a church on a Sunday morning and we financially support them on a monthly basis.


Together with a group of 11 other churches we are committed to global action. As a group we make up iNet, which enables us to support all kinds of work in many different countries.

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