Where we've come from...

For many years, Brockley Community Church was a part of a larger church, Ichthus Christian Fellowship. Ichthus began in the 1970s, when a handful of local Christians began to serve local people in some of the estates of Forest Hill. The church grew quite quickly and by the early 1980s was several hundred strong. At this point it began to plant out "daughter churches" throughout south east London. One of these became the "Brockley" congregation of Ichthus.

At the heart of the vision of Ichthus was a passionate concern both for God and for people. This expressed itself through many kinds of social and community service and action. For example, young people would spend their Friday evenings going shopping or digging gardens for retired people. Partnership developed with churches and other organisations throughout London, the UK and beyond. A number of members travelled to work overseas in a multitude of ways, for example in relief and development, work amongst AIDS sufferers or street children, and church planting. 

By the end of the 1980s there were some 25 new churches. As time passed, some of the churches became independent, including Brockley congregation in 2003. However, we maintained links with several other churches in SE London who had also previously been part of Ichthus. This link is called Transform Network