Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

Our Vision Statement expresses what we consider most important:

“We believe that relationship is the key to all that is good in life. Our vision is therefore to be a ‘place to belong’ - a community marked by a growing relationship with God, each other, and all our neighbours in Brockley.”

We’re well known for our emphasis on the “Three R’s” - these all have to do with relationship with…

God (R1) 
We’re “CHURCH” because we give our first allegiance to God, through Jesus Christ. 
Jesus said, Stay close to me…”

Each other (R2)
We see ourselves as a “COMMUNITY” or extended family - what glues us together is more powerful than what would otherwise fragment us. 
Jesus said, Love one another…”

Other people (R3)
As Christians in “BROCKLEY”, we believe we should not cut ourselves off from others, but rather serve the community around us. 
Jesus said, Go into all the world…”

Perhaps the Bible sums it up best:
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength……and you’ll love your neighbour as yourself”