Living, working and worshipping in Brockley

Our name, 'Brockley Community Church', describes us pretty well. We are a group of local people who have found that God is alive and well in Brockley and Lewisham and is interested in ordinary people!

We come from many different backgrounds but share the same conviction - that no matter who we are or where we’re from, we can all find a ‘place to belong’ in the give-and-take of being community with others.

We see ourselves as a community, but not one that does just ‘religious things’, cut off from other people. We are very involved locally and work hard to serve the different groups of people in Brockley.

As Christians we hold to the teachings of the Bible, but we are committed to living them out in practice, rather than keeping them locked up in textbooks. So our activities are accessible to all-comers - for example, our all-age service on a Sunday morning is usually described as ‘very friendly and welcoming’ by those who visit for the first time. You’re welcome to come and find out for yourself - 10.30am each Sunday, address on our 'home' page.

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