Welcome to the Ed Tech Cohort

As part of the Ed Tech Cohort, teacher candidates are be provided with intensive hands-on training on the use of a variety of instructional technologies including but not limited to SMART boards, LDC projectors, document cameras, Livescribe pens, interactive classroom clickers, Google Docs, iPods, YouTube and other multimedia resources.

In addition to developing their technical competencies, cohort participants receive instruction in pedagogical approaches that use technology to enhance teaching and learning, technical curriculum design and leadership theory so that they may become a future educational technology leader.

This website will highlights their journey to becoming 21st century teachers.

~ Giselle Whyte, 
~ Mark Wickens  
~ Kyle Tuck, 
~ Dr. Camille Rutherford, 
@gisellewhyte, @instructormark, @kylejtuck, @crutherford
Winter 2013


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