'21 Years of Brockdorff lab' Reunion 

            Reunion party took place on 18th July, 2015 in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

            Photos could be viewed at "Social" site

  •  Labmeetings
             Labmeetings take place on Fridays at 10am in the 3rd floor meeting room

             Current schedule could be found here
             Next lab meeting:   
6th May   no meeting
13th May   Greta
20th May   Brainstorm (Heather)
27th May   Mafalda
3rd June   Nicolae and Chloe
10th June   Guifeng

  •   Journal club
              Meetings take place on Wednesdays by-weekly at 2pm in the 3rd floor atrium area 
              Next Journal Club:   
 4th May   Heather
 18th May   Nicolae
 1st June   Michal
 15th June   Chloe
29th June   Burcu


  •   CRBG seminars (Chromosomal and RNA Biology Groups)
             Seminars take place on Thursdays at 12pm in the Main Meeting Room, New Biochemistry Building 
             Current schedule could be found here

  •   Departmental seminars
              Seminars take place in the Main Meeting Room, New Biochemistry Building 
              You can find a complete list of the seminars here

  •   Group Retreat

            Group retreat took place in  Tarbena, Spain on                                2-6th October 2012 (with Rob Klose and Mandy                          Fisher groups)



  •   50 Years of X inactivation Research

            This EMBO Workshop took place on 20 - 24 July, 2011 at St.Catherine's College in Oxford, UK.

             The workshop participants have discussed recent progress in the field and also celebrated the 50th anniversary
             of Mary Lyons ground breaking discovery, published in Nature in 1961.

             The meeting information, program and speaker list could be viewed here

              Meeting photos could be viewed at Picasa site