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Wednesday 21st October 2009

Murder Mystery

A great evening which kept us guessing all the way through!  Thanks to Estelle for organising this great event and hope to see you all the next time someone gets murdered in the barn!

Wednesday 16th December 2009

Christmas Party

We all had a wonderful time with a great quiz from Mike, a short play organised by Lyn and starring Janine, Gary, Jenny (with some beautiful ham acting!) and Emma, lots of drinks organised by Sheila and food and decorations organised by Estelle.  Oh and how can we forget Gary's speech?  (Don't forget who organised the food Gary!)  Now have I missed anyone?

Monday 28th December 2009
Post Christmas Lunch at Derbys Corner
A lovely meal attended by 14 members.

 Monday 5th April 2010

Easter Monday Lunch at Pamphill Dairy

Wednesday 14th April 2010

Quiz with John

An entertaining evening hosted by John and his glamourous assistant Betty.  Attended by fifteen people including five guests.  Congratulations to the "Eggheads" on their outstanding knowledge!

Friday 4th June 2010

Annual Dinner

An enjoyable and well presented evening with excellent food and attended by 23 members.

25th June 2010

BBQ at Tommy's

14th July 2010

Racing Evening

Another great evening but unfortunately poorly attended.

21st July 2010


30th August 2010

Bank Holiday Lunch at the Old Inn, Holt

20th October 2010

Murder Mystery Evening

How did it go ? Murderously well! Set in a golf club, we had to work out who was the killer. Could it have been Mo Green, the greenkeeper, Charity Ball, the events organiser, Juan Wood the caddy, or another of the characters???

I have to tell you of a little-known fact that came to light during the evening. John Pemble is not in fact married to Betty. He is married to someone else. What's more, he is deceiving his wife and having an affair with Betty. This came as a great surprise to everyone, but most of all to me as it turned out that he was my husband!

Most people wore their baseball caps (golf, anyone?) and we convened at the 19th hole, commonly referred to as the Red Barn, where a variety of drinks and canapés were served (Lesley's smoked salmon sandwiches were much enjoyed). Many thanks to Estelle for organizing a super evening. What made it different from previous murder mystery evenings was that it was not scripted. Each character just knew what they could reveal about themselves and what questions to ask of the others.

For anyone planning to direct in the future, if you need a Portuguese character who speaks with a Chinese accent, look no further than Estelle. She did it to a tee!

15th December 2010

Christmas Party

We had a very good turnout for the party – about 30 of us and we all had a great time. Many thanks to Estelle for organizing it. The decorations really transformed the Red Barn, which was unseasonally warm and cosy!!. Our posties had a busy time sorting out and distributing Christmas cards., Lots of eats and drinks, an excellent and challenging film quiz plus very enjoyable entertainment all made for a super party. And of course the pleasure of everyone's company! It was lovely to see Kelly and she brought along her baby daughter, Taylor, who did very well out of the raffle and joined in with showing her appreciation of the entertainment!

Christmas Parade (12/12/10)
The picture below shows the Broadstone Players entry into the Broadstone Christmas Parade last Saturday. With all the snow and ice, it was very much touch and go whether the parade would take place or not. Then the ice started to melt and it was looking promising. One hour to go and it looked like it would be cancelled due to heavy rain but at the last minute it was a YES and it went ahead. We were supposed to be at the back of the Parade but talked out way up into a much higher-up position, which was probably just as well as the rain started coming down again just as we finished our part in the Parade. Charles Dickens had nothing on us – we looked very Victorian - girls and Rob in long dresses and capes, accompanied by a top-hatted gentleman....and a soldier from World War 1 ! Afterwards we adjourned to a local hostelry for refreshment – still in costume of course. We had great fun, plan to do it again next year and hope you might like to join us.

Oh, yes, the 240 Christmas Cards. These we gave out to people lining the Parade. It sort of said 'happy Christmas come and see our next play and why not join the Players?' but slightly more subtly and with more words than that. People liked receiving the card and we ran out two thirds of the way round, despite only giving out one card per family/group. So hope some of them will come to the February play. Next year there will be 400 cards!

And in case you didn't recognise us in our cunning disguises, there was Val Smith, Lesley Gannon, Maddie Watton, John Hewinson, Rob Yates and myself in the photo and Ben Rackauskas and his mum, Yvonne Roberts, too.

30th December 2010

Lunch at the Gurkha

March 2011

Broadstone Players annual dinner

A large group of us enjoyed an excellent evening at Caesar's in Broadstone for the Players' Annual Dinner. Many thanks to Estelle for organising it.

8th June 2011

Games Evening

Last week's games evening was a great success and some of the participants were extremely competitive! Thanks to Estelle for organising such an enjoyable social event.