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How To Make A Desktop Wireless

how to make a desktop wireless
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • transmission by radio waves
  • radio: medium for communication
  • Denoting a piece of equipment such as a microcomputer that is suitable for use at an ordinary desk
  • A file shortcut in Microsoft Windows is a small file containing a target URI or GUID, or the name of a target program file that the shortcut represents. The shortcut might additionally specify parameters to be passed to the target program when it is run.
  • The working surface of a desk
  • the top of a desk
  • A desktop computer
  • background: (computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear
    how to
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
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????????????? | Katsura Hinagiku from Hayate No Gotoku (Nendoroid version)
????????????? | Katsura Hinagiku from Hayate No Gotoku (Nendoroid version)
This is the Nendoroid version of Katsura Hinagiku (?????) from Hayate No Gotoku (???????). As you can see from the setup photo, it's a small subject. Canon EOS 60D was used for this shot, lens of choice was the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro lens due to incredible flexibility when it comes to the MFD. EXIF - f/6.3 | 1/100 | ISO200. Wireless Flash using 60D pop up. Group A & B were used. Flashes used were 2 units of Canon 430EX II and 1 unit of 580EX II. (From this point, you might want to refer to the SETUP photo). I decided to go into more detail from this shot, my Suzumiya Haruhi bunny girl photo was taken against a brown box background which was pretty simple. I decided to do it differently this time, even the lighting setup was totally different. For the background, I decided that it has to be pin, seeing that Hinagiku is generally PINK already. I have some pink / white bougainvillea plants outside but due to the heat of the noon day sun and the inconsistent cloud and all - this was not the path so back into the house. I then remember that there's his this dark purple / maroon colored articial flower arrangement around some place so I decided to have this as the background. Behind the flower, I decided that it should be white which I think both complement each other very well. The main reason on why flowers were used as background was to show the feminine side of the character. Just in case you wonder why I didn't use f/2.8 and bokeh it as much as possible - Here are 2 reasons 1) I want sufficient DOF on my character 2) I want it to be decently distinct as flowers, having it creamy wouldn't make sense. It'll be mostly pink blotches. :) Through out the process, I took about a hundred shots and spent about 2 hours. YUP! And you guys think this was easy? Heh. OK Let's go into the details. Flashes from left to right are 430EX II (Group A), 430EX II (center, Group B) and 580EX II (Group A). The 430EX II units were mounted with mini softboxes. The big one on the left to give more coverage of light while the center unit was using the smaller softbox, sufficient to provide diffused light from the front. The bulk of my shots was to find the angle I like and also the lighting that I like. I experimented a lot with the figurine's position against the background, and it involved quite a lot of re-arrangement to the flowers, to get it to fit nicely in the frame while capturing the character. Yes, it was intentionally done with the lower left being open area for text and such. The flower had to be sufficiently lit to bring some lighter shade of it, from maroon-like color to turn out pink. This was done by pointing the 580EX II to the flower and background. Initially it was on the same level as the flower but it cast shadows on the white cloth that I hung over the LCD TV. At a later point, I raised it to a higher level to eliminate the shadow. Due to the group limitation of the flash where the flash on the left is sharing the same intensity as the 580EX II (Group A) to light the background. This involves moving the flash closer and further to adjust as one of the ways to adjust intensity. Group B is stationary, ratio adjusted as necessary. In the end, Group A's intensity was about 1/8 -1/3 while Group B was at 1/128. Interesting to note - the 430EX II has the lowest power of 1/64 so I have no idea how 1/128 +1/3 translates but hey, the output was what I like so I'm just reading to you what's on my setting. Now, as for the EXIF itself - f/6.3 | 1/100 | ISO200 Why 1/100 and ISO200? Why not 1/250 | ISO100 | f/8 - 11 or something? Due to the limitation of the flash groups I have, I wanted to get as much of the background light as possible. I didn't bother with the rule of the shutter speed, 100mm on a 60D comes to about 160mm but if you're stable enough then going lower is not a problem - case in point, I'm using 1/100. ISO200 and f/6.3 also to get as much light from the background as possible. As you can see the shot is at a 16:9 ratio :) I intended for it to be my wallpaper but it's rather desktop unfriendly. :P I normally shoot in RAW but for my figurine shoots - I like to shoot in JPG for training purpose. Same in this case, it's shot in JPG. No adjustment in color, contrast or anything at all. I only cropped it to 16:9 ratio (width to width) and cloned the defects on the figurine. I spent more time on the beautifying the text with the logo.
Broken Mac
Broken Mac
Paige has been taking computer classes for the past few weeks. I think the classes are great because the instructional material consists entirely of interactive Flash-based content (i.e. Adobe technology). The content grows over time in complexity, but outside of learning how to interact with the computer, she also learns more about colors, shapes, numbers and letters. After each class, Paige comes home with a link to a homework assignment. She opens the computer and continues to learn by interacting with fun little games. The other day, while Paige was working on her homework, something ... as of yet unknown exactly ... happened to the computer. I was in Oklahoma City, OK at the time, and got a text message from Marna that there was "something wrong with the computer." At the time, she was having iPhone connectivity problems, but she tried to send me the above image. When i got home, I saw the damage in person. At the bottom of the screen, the LCD is shattered. We had been thinking about getting a new Mac for a while, and this pretty much put it over the top. Over the weekend we ordered a new MacBook with a dual core Intel 2.4 GHz processor, 4 Gb of RAM, and a 250 Gb hard drive. I use an Apple Time Capsule (1 Tb) for backup at work, and will be including the new system on that backup. It'll be a great machine for the type of work Marna does, and still have enough juice for my photography needs. The Time Capsule also serves up 802.11N wireless, so Marna will be surfing at top speeds - especially valuable for when playing with Adobe Brio. The new MacBook includes a built-in web cam, which will make it more fun for me on the other side as well. It also has the new magnetic power cord, so Paige won't trip over it and kill the power supply (which she has done before to the current iBook). I think we'll try and get the old iBook screen fixed depending on the cost, and continue to use it for Paige. It has seen a lot in its few years, but has proved an invaluable tool. I for one am pretty excited about the next generation (scheduled to arrive this week).

how to make a desktop wireless
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