2008 October

October was another wonderful month of wearing. It was very busy for both the wearers and makers as the school year is winding down.

This month's swap was very casual. We talked baking and brooches and general chat.

The volume conference has just been held last weekend and some wearers had been recognized by associates Renee Bevan's talk as being part of this group. One maker and one wearer were at the event and will give us an update.

I am so happy to report that all brooches are still up and running. We had some incidents this month, but nothing that the gang couldn't overcome. According to my calculations these brooches are getting about 3 lifetimes of wearing packed into one year. That is a lot of wearing. Any handmade brooch will need a little tweaking here and there to keep it in good nick. So next month we will give the makers a chance to check in on their creations.

The idea of brooch as something to look at versus something to wear came up. I think that this is a very interesting topic. As a wearer you don't get to enjoy the brooch while you are wearing it because you cannot actually see it.

Also the concept that the brooch was setting the tone for the outfits someone was wearing was brought up. It is really fascinating to see people comparing that behaviours between brooches. The brooches have such a diverse range of attitudes.