2008 December

Christmas Treats
The November meeting was busier than usual with both makers and wearers attending. The group seems to be getting more comfortable with each other and there were fascinating topics flying around. One wearer revelled a pin-secureness-test that they employ before wearing each brooch. Finn was postulating on what a conservator's approach to some of the brooches might be. And there were lots of end of year shows to discuss. All very interesting indeed.

Pene couldn't make it up from Gisbourne for this exchange, but she made up for it by sending a photo of her latest solution to the summer brooch wearing issue.

The wearers are now busy wearing their brooches to holiday parties, so I thought I would share some of my own sneaky wearing experiences. As the middleman, coordinator and brooch shuffler, I have been lucky enough to get a chance to don a brooch or two and go out on the town. Click the links to get a little introduction to the lucky messenger episodes.