2009 March

The weather is still beautiful, but there is a bit of chill in the morning air. The cardigans and jackets that are the favorite haunts of brooches are back in regular rotations, and the wearers are once again a happy bunch. Wearing is proving challenging for our one young mother, Heidi, whose 4 year old finds the broochie eye candy irresistible.

The theme of the march swap was spontaneous ginger. We had ginger cupcakes, homemade ginger beer and the crowing achievement: delicious homemade ginger gems, presented in a beautiful old cast iron gem pan... we were all filled with tray envy. Finn barely made it home with his pan.

The wearing is in full tilt. Mandy stole the show with her feedback on Anne's brooch. She loved it and wore it heaps. She kept a journal of all the comments she got and some of my favourites were:

"You should should mow your balls".
"You should be wearing that on your nipple"

Wow. The brooch viewing public get an A+ for those comments.

Wearer Finn told us all about his rock collection. He has a current exhibition on at ArtSpace that we will be all rushing out to see. And it is very possible brooch club will soon be demanding a rock show and tell session.

Wearer Kate is entering into her last month as a BOM club member, but we are happy for her. She is moving to San Francisco and getting married! She told us about P.O.O.P (People Objecting to Over-Packaging) which we think is just grand.