2009 April

The April exchange was a flurry of activity and of feijoas. Kathy has a huge feijoa tree and she graciously brought a giant bag of fruit to shared with us lesser fruited members. But the sharing didn't stop there, Finn brought in a homemade moccasin, which was also a real treat. The exchange was a short one, because we were off to farewell drinks for wearer Kate.

The anticipation of each month's brooch is still holding strong and the meetings are getting LOUD. I think that means that the wearers are much more comfortable with each other these days and everyone seemed to have heaps to say. There was a lot of reminiscing over brooches worn and passed along, the struggles and the good times. To be honest, it was hard for me to take notes on the evening because there was such a lot going on, between answering the phone and door and trying to listen to three or four conversations. I obviously need a secretary.

Discussion of the wrap of of the project was broached and lots of good ideas were thrown around. I am very excited to get into planning that.

This month we fare welled two broach club members. Janie is off on sabbatical to London and Kate has moved to San Francisco. Kate was replaced in the club rotation with her former co-worker Sarah who has been watching the project closely. And Pauline Bern, my jewellery teacher (currently on sabbatical) from Unitec. We will miss our friends and are happy to welcome the new wearers.