Remote Computer Consulting

Some business clients prefer computer consultants to come on site to their office. Some prefer we support them remotely. Often a mixture of the 2 computer consulting methods is the most productive and cost effective solution.

Computer Consulting  Support Options and Price

  • 1-3 days per week of scheduled consulting support consisting of 1-3 hours per visit.
  • Monthly or Weekly Computer Consulting Maintenance.
  • There is a flexible hourly rate of $55-75/hr depending on the days and hrs a computer consultant will be doing support.

Scheduled on site computer consulting support rates:

  • 1 hour on site minimum
  • Billed per ¼ hour after the first on site consulting hour.
  • Rates between $55-$75/hr depending on the office location, schedule and other variables.
  • Non-profit organizations may apply for discount rates of $35-$50/hr.

Phone Support and Remote Support:

  • Remote support is free for the first 30 minutes, whether it’s remote support or phone support.
  • ¼ hr hourly after the first half hour for businesses under a tech support plan.

These remote support rate plan are for businesses only, not for residential.