Mostly Maturita Autumn 2014

Mostly Maturita is a series of  semi-formal workshops for secondary school English teachers conducted by the teacher training lecturers in the Department of English and American Studies of Masaryk University.

We have entitled this series Mostly Maturita as the topics we offer are intended to provide teachers with some content and ideas that could supplement their work, based on work we do in our teacher training.

It is also hoped that it will serve as an opportunity for teachers to meet and share their own ideas and experiences with each other and with the lecturers, who are always interested to hear first- hand from practising teachers.

The dates and session topics are as listed on this page. 
Each session runs from 17.30 to 19.00
in Room G02, Gorkeho 7, Brno.

Please note that this late starting time is due to the rooming problem experienced by FF during this three year period of reconstruction. 

To register, please complete the form.
If you are unable to attend a session you have registered for, please let us know. Room G02 seats only 20 people

Session One

23rd October

You Know What You Can Do With Your Microphone

Nikola Fořtová, M.A.

Session Two

6th November


Project-Based Writing for Student Engagement

Dr. Mary Benedetti

Session Four

20th November



Jeffrey A. Vanderziel, B.A.

Session Five 

11th December

Department of English 
and American Studies
Faculty of Arts
Masaryk University
Gorkého 7, Brno,

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