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If you've ever kept at Giant African Land Snail as a pet, you'll know that they have specific requirements in order for them to be happy and healthy. You'll also know that you need to be careful with wild caught snails - especially with your other snails, as there might be some kind of disease present. But it would seem that the sellers at Brixton Market aren't too fussed about this.

African snails need warmth, lots of space, moisture, and a plentiful supply of food and calcium. However, the snails at Brixton don't get any of this. They're kept in their tens, possibly hundreds, in open baskets, piled on top of eachother. No space, no substrate, no calcium, and barely any water or food - what food is there is probably rotting. They're not kept clean, so any 'waste' they may produce is on them. Not exactly ideal conditions, especially as they're sold for food. Many of the snails kept in these baskets die there, and aren't removed. 

You may think 'they're only snails' - but they're still living animals, who deserve at least enough space and a decent amount of food, even if they're being sold as food. Would you want to buy any other kind of food that was kept in conditions like this? Especially as we're not sure if these snails (which are wild caught and imported from Africa) actually need any kind of health check before being sold - and if they do need a health check, whether they get it.

The fact that these snails can escape the baskets and slime down the street isn't exactly ideal, either - for the snails or the public. In a busy London market, these are bound to cause a health and safety problem - people tripping, or stepping on the snails.

Also, the fact that you are likely to get alot of hassle if you try to take photos here (the seller's really don't like it) suggest they've got something to hide. Unfortunately, no one seems to be listening or doing something about this situation, so it is really important for this site to raise some awareness and some support for the matter. This needs to be stopped for so many reasons - so please, please help!




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