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If you're on this site, you've probably got a fair idea what the term 'Brixton Snails' means. However, if you're new to this, I've tried to put as much information on here as possible. Please feel free to browse this site, pass it on to your friends and sign our petition.

'Brixton Snails' are Giant African Land Snails that are sold at Brixton Market in England. They are sold as food; yet many people keep these snails as pets. Unfortunately, the conditions these snails are kept in on the markets is pretty horrendous - and many people are trying to do something to save them, including us.

Please, please don't just disregard this page - whatever you think of snails or any other bug - these are real animals with real feelings, and it's not just a matter of the snails' welfare, either. The way they're kept is most likely unhygienic and unsafe for the public. There is no one to protect these animals, and something needs to be done.



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- New petition up to get snails on the animal welfare bill!

- We're looking for anyone with pictures or reports about the snails sold at Brixton markets - if you've got any info we can use, contact us!

- New site, unexpected problems with the old one, so sorry for the unfinished pages!