A Biography and Filmography

Actress Brittany Murphy was a popular, successful Hollywood film actress with a positive,sparkling personality. The petite actress had the talent to cover a wide range of character types and she did. Murphy was a prolific worker and made many movies in her short lifetime. On December 20,2009 she suddenly collapsed and died in her Los Angeles, California mansion.The vivacious actress was only 32 years of age. Her many fans were caught totally off guard by the tragic turn of events.

Brittany Murphy's films are left for us as a reminder of her bright spark, her zest and love of life. She was a talented actress who should have had a long and successful lifetime.

The final movie that Brittany made was titled "Something Wicked". It was released  posthumously, three years after her untimely death.

Multi-talented Brittany was also a voice actor in cartoons and film. She did the voice of hairstylist "Luanne Platter" on the cartoon show "King of the Hill" and also did the voice of Joseph Gribble up to the show's fifth season. Murphy was the voice of Gloria the penguin in "Happy Feet".

This is a list of movies and does not include T.V. filmography.

Brittany Murphy Movies

1993---Family Prayers / Elise

1995---Clueless / Tai
1996_Freeway / Rhonda

1997--- Bongwater /

1997---Drive / Deliverance Bodine

1998---Falling Sky / Emily Nicholson

1998---Phoenix / Veronica

1998---Zack and Reba / Reba Simpson

1999---Drop Dead Gorgeous / Lisa Swenson
1999---Girl, Interrupted / Daisy Randone

2000---Angels ! / Nurse Bellows

2000---Cherry Falls / Jody Marken

2000---The Audition / Daniella
2001---Trixie / Ruby Pearli

2001---Sidewalks of New York / Ashley
2001---Summer Catch / Dede Mulligan

2001---Don't Say a Word / Elisabeth Burrows

2001---Riding in Cars with Boys / Faye Forrester

/ Nikki

2002---Something In Between / Sky

2002---8 Mile / Alex

2003---Just Married / Sarah

2003---Uptown Girls / Molly

2003---Good Boy ! / Nelly {voice of}
2004---Little Black Book / Stacy
2005---Sin City / Shellie

2005---NeverWas / Maggie Paige

2006---The Groomsmen
/ Sue

2006---Love And Other Disasters / Emily Jackson-Jacks

2006---The Dead Girl / Krista
2006---Happy Feet   

2008---The Ramen Girl / Abby

2009---Across The Hall / June

2009---Deadline / Alice


2010--The Expendables

2010 {released 2013}---Something Wicked / Susan

Brittany Murphy (Last Red Carpet Appearance) Across The Hall Premiere

Brittany Murphy On David Letterman Show

Brittany Murphy interview for Sin City